Imagine a

limited edition

based on timeline

instead of numbers,

perpetually renewed

for music lovers

and sustainable

for music makers.



System Overload State

A musical proposal resonating with this historical time,
an interactive and supportive project for this rough period.

The main direction follows very simple rules :
  • a Bandcamp label with exclusive music split between downloads & subscription,
  • subscriptions income shared equally & payed monthly to artists,
  • downloads payed 100% to artists.

If this project does not limit itself musically speaking,
it's got a love affair with undergound dance music.

Photo n°24 (Detroit, June 2012) by Sam Beebe from Ecotrust

why ? open letter how ?
music makers, join us ! music lovers, subscribe !

few words of introduction

This health crisis seems to be both expansive and contractive.
For some time stretches and slows down, for others it compresses and accelerates. For some it means withdrawal, enclosure and rejection, while for others support, advancement and change.

This virus has particular specificities. On one hand, it's necessary to move away from each other to be safe, and on another hand, we are all interdependent following the protection distanciation measures and have to be close to support and help each other. So to adapt to this situation, on one side we need to think globally as a group, and on the other side we have to take action locally as an individual. Isn't it ironic when our actual “operating system” is mostly the opposite ? Based on optimisation instead of balance, our globalized economy makes us more incline to live our lives disconnected from each other.
Challenging times are ahead for us.

It might be improper to talk about music or art when health workers are "on the front lines" risking their lives, millions of people are losing their jobs and so many casualties around the world.
In fact, that crisis has a terrible effect on independant music artists too. The vital part of our income comes from live acts and dj performances that stopped to stay safe. And it looks like lockdown measures for musical public venues would persist until the end of the year, at the best. Also the future is not set, science might need more time than hoped to find a medical answer to this virus.

However, confinement as well as reaching out to other people is giving us the opportunity to share our creativy and culture. To quote Nina Simone :
"How can you be an artist, and not reflect the times ?".
This is what Culture precisely is about : openning, exploring, adapting, re-inventing as well as enchanting, touching, rocking and entertaining. Other rhythms, other sounds, other words, other ways of occupying space, other ways of seeing and looking at each other : that's what arts contribute to.

How ? open letter

welcome to S\O\S

System Overload State

exclusive music

Exclusive music for minimum a year, then released on other streaming plateforms, with artists' consent.

collaborative remixes

Artists are free to remix each other & propose it by download on both artists' accounts or subscription only.

a monthly income

Subscriptions revenues shared equally between artists & payed on a monthly basis.

downloads direct to artists

100 % of all downloads income payed directly to the artists.